Sunday, April 30, 2006


I've checked the deadlines, pulled the yarns, and made the commitment: I'm going to knit a sweater for the Dulaan project. It will be an all wool, knit in the round (thank-you Jacqueline Fee), make it up as I go along, multicolored Fair Isle style (I love working with color this way), with Briggs and Little for the the background and my stash of Lopi Lett oddments for contrast (love love love the colorways of that yarn). That combination should be both warm and durable. I'll size it for my 6 year old daughter - firstly, because it's easier to have a live model in front of me when creating from scratch, and secondly, because my DD thinks the concept of knitting for a child halfway around the world who lacks adequate clothing is the coolest thing ever, and making it her size will be that much more personal. I've never knit for charity before - primarily because it has taken me more years than I care to think about to trust myself enough to finish things - especially something on a deadline for someone else. And because (to be brutally honest) I was stuck in a perfectionist gotta save the world in a big way to justify my existence mindset that disdained a single sweater as too small a contribution. Coming to terms with drastically scaling back my Important Healing Profession in order to attend to raising "just" my two children has forced me to think about making a difference in a whole new way.