Friday, October 06, 2006

Greek Chic

Finished at last, and just in the nick of chilly fall time:

front Greek

side and back Greek

Pattern: my own - in-the-round construction, seamless except for the set-in sleeves.
Yarn: navy - Softball cotton (mill end cone from Grand River Yarns) cream - Jo Sharp DK cotton (not the easiest stuff to work with - I wish I had had some of the Softball in cream, but I'm on stash-only for a while).
Comments: I set myself the design challenge of a perfectly form-fitting cotton top, as well as conquering the combination of stripes and set-in sleeves. I could have made my life considerably less tedious by not making half the stripes in a fretwork design, but all in all, it turned out exactly as I envisioned (how amazing is that?)and I couldn't be happier. (OK, I would be happier if the fretwork joined up at the seams in perfectly unbroken fashion, but I'm not sure that's mathematically possible, so I will accept Good Enough as just that.) It is a perfect fall sweater - warm but not overly so, and fitted enough to layer comfortably under a quilted vest.