Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ending and Beginning

Here, as promised, is the finished and modified tunic:
I have to admit, as boring and plain as the pattern was to knit, the sizing is exactly as it purported to be, and the set in sleeves fit like a dream. If I were to do it again (Not), I would knit it in the round and use EZ's false seam up the sides for reinforcement. I made flawless selvedged edges and wove them together in perfect alignment exactly as prescribed in The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques - and I still just don't like the way seams look on a hand knitted garment, no matter how well done.

As for the cuffs -

I decided in the end that the knotwork idea just wouldn't suit this situation, and since the remainder of the trim was crochet, I opted for a simple openwork crochet pattern. I'm really pleased with the effect - dare I say it - I think I prefer it to the original.

To keep the deeply slit neckline from gaping (I suspect my cotton / microfibre yarn is a tad heavier than the recommended cashmere blend) I added small loops to the trim and devised this double spiral in hammered sterling silver.

I think it harmonizes nicely with the overall effect.


That being done, I plan to get this other monkey off my back (both from VK - hmm.....) and since my other current design project (the dragon dress) must be laboriously plotted stitch by stitch on paper, I felt like something a little more fit-as-I-go. This will be a riff on waves and shells, and possibly venture into freeform a bit.

The yarns: Eden Madil (bamboo - lovely but it splits easily), Estelle Mystik DK (cotton/viscose - I hate hate hate working with it, but it's pretty and wasn't all that cheap), and a cotton/linen laceweight of uncertain parentage. I'm fervently hoping I won't have to frog all the little pieces of the ill-fated original in order to retrieve enough yarn - there's a fair bit as yet untouched.

Last, but certainly not least, since this is Father's Day I will take the opportunity to profess my undying love for my darling husband and incomparable father of my children (even if he is at this very moment nagging me about my Diaper Genie twisting technique.)