Friday, September 22, 2006

Rainy Day Vest

Fitted, simple, and just a wee bit artsy/funky - perfect for dodging bears en route to the school bus.

wearing rdvest


rdvest closeup

Pattern: Original (so to speak - it's a pretty basic V-necked vest)
Yarn: recycled sari silk, wool (Briggs and Little Regal) - one strand of each knitted together for the body, borders knitted of 2 strands of wool alone. The sari silk is handspun from weaving mill remnants, and is generated by a series of women's cooperatives and cottage industries, primarily (I believe) in Nepal. I bought mine a couple years ago on Ebay - it is seriously overspun, dramatically varies in thickness, and there are some twiggy bits to pick out - nevertheless, it behaves remarkably well when knitted together with wool. I believe substantially more refined versions are now available.
Comments: I'm very pleased with the fit and the look - it turned out exactly as envisioned (which was by no means a certainty with such an oddball yarn.) I still have a fair bit of the sari silk left - perhaps I'll make a little jacket for DD, or else a set of funky ski hats for the family. Later.

BTW, the pendant in the photo is my own - part of the botanical collection I'm working on presently - more on that Monday.