Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Sky

Due to previously mentioned camera issues which I won't go into again, the photo is actually from the middle of last week - but it truly is the same weather today. It was taken at the base of Blackcomb, on our daily walk to the bus.

23 Sept 2006

I was stunned and delighted the other day to discover that during ski season, Whistler has a school program wherein every Monday, students may spend the day on the mountain receiving greatly subsidised lessons, and be marked "present" for classes. I'm not exactly sure why I was suprised, since we moved here specifically because of opportunities like this. I suppose it's because we spent our six years on the prairies determinedly not thinking about what we were missing (mountains, good produce, organic anything, decent climate....)

A small sampling of cultural differences:
Fundraising student lunches that consist of sushi rather than hot dogs.
Bears in front of the school - this was not considered reason to stay in for recess, just a warning that students ought to stay in the back playground.
Standing in the fall drizzle, waiting for the school bus while other moms drop their kids off in gleaming HumVees. The implications of living simply among the conspicuously wealthy are not yet clear, and I am determined to keep an open mind - nevertheless, it was a little startling at first.

On a more serious note, I was incalculably relieved to find that the school and in particular, the Grade 1 teacher seem well equipped and motivated to deal creatively and productively with my DD's challenging temperment. I'm sure there will be plenty of bumps along the way, and I haven't entirely stopped holding my breath, but it looks very promising.