Wednesday, September 20, 2006


My poor sniffly DD stayed home yesterday to bask in TLC and far too much television (although my militant position on the evils of TV has been softened somewhat by the Magic School Bus). Roundabout lunchtime she announced that her continued existence might well be futile if I did not sew exact replicas of Spiderman's costume for her and her brother this year. Hedging with the standard mom line "we'll see", I pointed out that it was a pretty tough proposition. "Mom," she said, patting my shoulder kindly, "it's your job to do tough things. You know how to knit, and that's a tough thing, so I'm sure you can do this if you try." My initial reaction was, "Isn't that sweet, she's still young enough to have absolute faith in my abilities." But I got to thinking.... Knitting! One knits balaclavas for practical purposes, so it might be possible. Seems like something more up Lee Ann's alley, but I'll have to give it some thought.

Moving on, here's this week's colour project:

Upper Harmony Lake, at the top of Whistler mountain:
mountain lake 400 size

Pixellated to tease out the colours:
pixellated mountain lake

The chosen palette:
mountain lake pallette

The pattern:
mountain lake pattern