Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sari Silk

I decided, for my own record as much as anything, to post some of my own designs that came pre-blog. This is a simple fitted shell I designed last year, knitted bottom up in the round. The bodice was modeled after a woven silk shell in my closet, but I am not entirely happy with the cut - I think a more deeply scooped neckline would have better balanced my wide shoulders and long torso. Nevertheless, it is perfectly wearable, and was a good learning experience.

The yarn is recycled sari silk, knitted in alternating rounds with Estelle's aran weight silk. I haven't seen much blogged about sari silk - it seems to have been relegated to the unappealing niche of amateurly handspun novelty yarn. I have yet to find any patterns for it other than tote bags and shapeless wraps, which is truly a shame, because it is beautiful and (once washed) soft. Not only is it recycled, but it is generated through projects which support and empower vulnerable Nepalese women. Admittedly, the twist varies wildly (although I believe more recent versions are better spun), but knitted along with a commercial yarn it behaves quite nicely.

I have a bundle of mostly blue skeins in the stash which I plan to knit along with charcoal grey worsted weight wool to make a zippered outerwear vest - perhaps with some cables to add depth and visual interest.

Tomorrow: the modified tunic from VK, which just needs the ends woven in. After all the angst and fussing, I love how this turned out!