Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I have one of those horrid elastic band headaches, squeezing my brain into a hard lumpy mess. The fabric of my carefully orchestrated "get ready to move" plan (which has been in effect for 4 months now - really) is looking like the worst kind of knitted nightmare - dropped stitches unravelling wildly, the ones I managed to pick up splitting and somehow fanatically tight by the time I knit them back up to the needles, and the whole business looks like a project that should be abandoned without even the bother of frogging. Except it's my life.

So, what's the most productive thing to do when faced with the paralysis of an overwhelming task? Make lists, do 15 minutes at a time, yada yada yada... Or do what I did and cruise the blogrolls this morning while dreading the impending day of going to a public event to be Mother Of The Most Oppositional Child There.

I found some cool stuff, though:

Print and Pattern - it's a pretty new blog, but already has an impressive collection of inspirational prints and design motifs.
Design Sponge - more random inspiration - the erin adams mosaic with the little red birds is calling my name in a big way.
A random stripe generator - looks like a fun way to mix and match those oddiments of yarn on the screen.
Posie gets Cozy - I am SO in love with the multidirectional / multimedia design thing - paper, sewing, embroidery, jewelry, knitting ....except my creative frenzy is not helping the calm and focused organizing thing.

Also, I managed to take some photos at the school picnic while taking a little walk with my Not Nearly So Oppositional child, and then I got to playing with the photoeditor to generate some colorway inspirations. Love the textures and the subtle colorways, but what if you moved a little closer and squinted? I can definitely picture a FairIsle design now, and it is much easier to pick out specific single hues.

A wild rose:
With a more manageable balance of colors - how gorgeous would this be in a FairIsle blend?


And you thought watching the grass grow was boring: