Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Metal Monday

Phase 2 of our migration west begins. The packers will be busy today in MJ, boxing up what remains of our possessions, the truck loads tomorrow, Rob arrives in Whistler Wednesday night, and the truck arrives..... they haven't decided yet. Probably within a week. Despite having no control over the process, I couldn't help lying awake pondering: What will get damaged this time? Will the piano make it safely to my parents' place? (The one real sacrifice I have made in this business of downsizing is the requirement to do without my beloved piano - a very painful loss which I'll talk about another time. That and my Maytag washer and dryer - felting now costs $1.75 a wash cycle, speaking of which, I've run out of quarters - must remember to go to the bank...) Did we cull enough - will there be any floor space when the stuff is unloaded? How the heck am I going to get the old fridge and stove out of the condo just before the new ones arrive? Why did the lady who was coming to see the fridge yesterday not show up, causing me to stay home all day with two kids who desparately needed an outing?

Cue deep breathing...


Today's silverwork is crocheted:

silver droplets

I have a longstanding fascination with droplets, both gemstone and silver. There is, of course, the whole symbology of water - birth, new life, feminine energy, Spirit - but more than that, the form of the droplet itself compells me. Such a perfect, curvaceous entity, yet so ephemeral - stretching gracefully from its origin, existing for only the briefest moment before falling to rejoin the whole. Perhaps it is the process of maturity and accumulated loss - both timely and untimely, that makes this ephemeral nature of the individual and the moment feel so acute now.