Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Sky

A brief flash of blue sky on an otherwise grey day last week:

7 October 2006

Our task for the Thanksgiving weekend: tidy the condo and move all the furniture up against the walls in preparation for Tuesday. I'm (uncharacteristically) optimistic, whereas Rob, who actually watched the truck load in MJ, keeps pointing out that the boxes from the kitchen alone will occupy about 1/3 of our present living space. Thankfully this moving crew did a better job of labelling than the last one, who wrote "miscellaneous" on almost everything, although with boxes jammed six deep floor to ceiling, one can't exactly pick and choose which to open first.

In any case, it should make for entertaining blogging. One of the best things about having a blog is that life events that would otherwise be merely aggravating are magically transformed into Amusing Personal Anecdotes. Assuming I can find the computer, that is.


Thanks so much for all the lovely compliments on the Greek Chic sweater. There's a tremendous sense of satisfaction and self-sufficiency in finishing up a garment, snipping the last thread, and walking out the door in it five minutes later. I've kept careful pattern notes for future consideration, and I may develop it in self-published form at a later date.