Thursday, October 05, 2006

Single No More

Rob made it safely home last night. The kids were thrilled, the dog was ecstatic (an ecstatic Irish Wolfhound is more than a little alarming), the cat glanced up momentarily. As for me - well.... you know. It's a family-friendly blog and all.

The more I see of life, the more firmly I am convinced that a great marriage, ripening and maturing over the years, is a magnificent treasure above all others. For many reasons though, it feels awkward to say that publicly. So many folks have not found someone, or married what turned out to be the wrong someone, that to celebrate my own great blessing feels like an affront to all the grief and disappointment and longing in the world. But life is uncertain and treasures can be snatched away in an instant, and surely the greater sin would be to take it for granted.

The coming week will be extraordinarily busy, as we prepare for the arrival of the moving truck next Tuesday. Apparently, despite all the radical culling of the last six months, the stack of boxes that landed on the truck takes up roughly the same volumetric dimensions as our present living room. While generous quantities of packing material makes up much of the bulk, it's still going to be a juggling act for a few days.

On the knitting front, I hope to finish the last cosmetic details on the Greek Chic sweater today and get it photographed. (I finally got sick of calling it "that navy and white striped sweater with the alternating plain and fretwork stripes". It was inspired in part by the blue and white sweaters for sale when we were in Crete, and when Charity said it looked like a Greek fisherman's sweater, the decision was made.) The Cape is back on the needles, and I am debating whether I could knit up a super warm cardigan in time to get DD through the shoulder season, or whether I should just cop out and go to the store. (I know, I know - I'll likely get the cardigan half finished and have to buy her a jacket anyway - then again, I'm not writing a book and planning my wedding at the same time, so this ought to be a piece of cake.)