Thursday, September 28, 2006

Free Will vs Determinism: Round the Cape of Equanimity part 2

There is a kind of designing - I suppose one might term it "proper" designing - where everything is worked out ahead of time. Gauge counted from an ample swatch, body measurements morphed into garment dimensions and translated to a precise schematic of rows and stitches, pages and pages of jotted numbers. All perfectly sensible and prudent, but when the paperwork is finished, the garment's destiny is set, and the only discovery remaining is whether or not the calculations were correct.

Every so often I crave the adventure of Not Knowing, of making it up as I go along. Which is why I am Loving this:

cape full circle

Having set the initial conditions, I am now free to choose new cable panels as the cape expands, and it pleases me no end that I have not yet decided what the next one will be. A simple plaited cable won round 2:

cape close

Once the next set of dividing spokes reach 10 stitches or so, I'll make up my mind about number 3. If you are following the math on this, I am now increasing every 4th round, since at this point there are twice as many dividing spokes - when the next set of panels starts, that will double again, and so on.

I put it on waste yarn to photograph it, to try it on, and because it is now big enough that I need the needles that are presently occupied Magic Looping the last sleeve of the navy and white sweater. This is also an excellent incentive to finish that sweater, whose destiny is now fully manifest, making it considerably less alluring (though I am very pleased with how it's turning out - more on that tomorrow.)