Friday, September 29, 2006

Pretending to Knit

With all the high drama and attendant exhaustion of single parenting a Very Challenging Temperment, I have managed to knit all of three rounds worth of anything over the last week. I finally elected to stop kidding myself that the second sleeve would be done any day now, and settled for photographing this:

byzantium halfway

Note the subtle tromp l'oeil achieved by the miracle of cropping. I had a go at pasting a mirror image of the completed sleeve over my bare left arm (I used to watch the View while running at the gym and they had this computer whiz give Star Jones a perfectly matched pair of "assets" - very nifty) but it just looked freaky. Of course, a dressmaker's dummy lounging in the garden would be considerably classier format for the half-finished sweater shot, but my birthday is coming up later in the fall, so there may yet be hope...

I'm happy with the fit - it's at the limits of negative ease, but that is what I intended for this design, and two pages of scrawled calculations did make the stripes line up along the hypoteneuse, although I may have to fiddle with a bit of duplicate stitch to make the fretwork flow across the seam more gracefully.

I have decided that this is all I'm allowed to work on until it's done - no guesses when that will be.