Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Days

Managed to pack the kids off to the playground with hubby, so I could dash off to the Internet cafe in the village. The harsh reality of paying by the minute for blogging time is starting to register, so I think until my own computer arrives at the beginning of October, this will be an every other day affair.

The idea pot is boiling, however, because Whistler is so rich in natural beauty and cultural stimulation (art galleries! great music! live theatre! amazing food!) that the creative juices overflow. I want to expand the chromatic challenge feature to a series on colour, texture, design and seeing things in new ways. I have a host of designs in the works, starting with a classic navy and white striped cotton crewneck (with a twist, of course.) More on that one this week. I also hope to get a pattern for the second string bag posted this week, and get back to work on the white lacy tank, on which I plan to incorporate an inner shelf bra and eliminate the visible bra strap issue altogether.

Here's the view from my patio and livingroom window (this was our first morning):

Here's this morning's Saturday Sky:

Knitting at our favorite pub (yes, Lee Ann, it is heaven!):