Friday, August 18, 2006

Running Amok

Is what my children were doing while I was feverishly trying to sort out the basement.

And since the World's Best Real Estate Agent is going to take care of getting the place painted and scrubbed and polished while we are gone, all I have to do is have it tidy by the time we leave. Piece of cake. Perhaps we could use this as a selling feature, instead: "Two story house brimming with creative energy." Who wouldn't be charmed by that?

Also by the end of today, I must finish packing and not-forgetting every critical item we will need to live for 6 weeks, start the kids in school in a new province, etc. (I have this fear of getting to BC and finding out my daughter can't start school because of a single piece of paper sitting back in Moose Jaw. Yes, I am a worrier.) Also everything I don't trust the moving company with:

After the little debacle two moves ago in which they turned half my (extensive) collection of cotton prints into a sodden mildewy mass, I have less than complete faith in their care and concern for my possessions. So, coming in the car is - the yarn stash, my irreplaceable little Elna sewing machine, the knitting reference books I can't live without for 6 weeks and, not pictured, the tools and supplies of my jewelry business.

Since blogger is now going to let me upload photos, I will also mention that I solved the problem of the bulgy bag bottom before posting the pattern yesterday.
This, thanks in equal part to a tip on casting on for round medallions which I picked up from String or Nothing's blog, and my own blindingly brilliant realization that twine is bulkier than crochet thread or laceweight merino, consequently one can not run the mathematical sequence backward to a point of infinite density at the centre. (I realize that this makes no difference to the functionality or even, when in use, the appearance of the bag, but it mattered to me.)