Thursday, November 02, 2006


I am fretting - to a ridiculous degree - about the colours of the Turkish scarf. Here's yesterday's beginning:

It is a complex and ornate pattern, so I really wanted it to show clearly, yet not be so contrasty as to seem overly busy. I was hoping for a rich red/gold tapestry sort of effect. I'm worried the values of the two colours are too close, the brown/gold is too green, the whole thing is too hideous.... It goes to show how strongly oriented I am towards blue / green and neutrals - my confidence goes completely to pieces when I have to work with red. (I wouldn't have done it at all, except this person loves the red / gold / brown range.)

I found myself late last night poised over the "buy" button for this (another colour in the same yarn as the red, which could be an advantage):

And then I backed away from the expensive-handpainted-who-knows-what-this-colour-will-turn-out-to-be-in-real-life ledge and went to bed. Where I dreamt tormented knitting dreams, and this morning am still no closer to making a decision. I could also get a fingering weight yarn in a solid colour - I think it would need to be a pale gold - darker than cream, but light enough to contrast clearly with the red. Or maybe what I've got is just fine and I am losing my mind.

Honest opinions? Ideas? If I'm going to order more yarn, I need to make a decision soon, because time is running out. (Next year, I'll start Christmas knitting in January. Definitely. Or give everyone dishcloths. )