Friday, April 21, 2006


Sadly (for my thighs), I am still too sick to head out running. I finished the back of the simple tunic yesterday - holding it up, I'm beginning to think I could wear it without pants - the stillettos are still out, though. I didn't photograph it, because 31 inches of navy blue stockinette is not substantially more interesting than 8 inches. Got back to work on the lacy camisole, since the function I plan to wear it at (if I ever get around to phoning a babysitter) is exactly a week away. I still don't know whether I will look like a free-spirited fashionista or an afghan gone terribly wrong. Oh the suspense.

Since I have no knitting photos to post, here are some inspirational foggy morning shots from yesterday - I love foggy mornings on the prairies - they are rare, but they make me feel like I'm back on the coast. Either coast would do, although the West is warmer - I spent 2 years in Newfoundland and Labrador (not just politically correct provincial name dropping either, as I spent 7 months in Goose Bay, where I met my DH, and the other year and a half divided between St. John's and Cornerbrook) and 7 years on southern Vancouver Island. Where by now, my garden would have been a riot of color for weeks already, and the trees would be showering me with scented petals..... Never mind, the grass here turned greenish mere days ago.