Thursday, June 08, 2006


It's a bit of a hodgepodge today, as the cold rain presently driving against the windows has washed away any sense of creative effervesence. (Also Blogger's technical difficulties today have wiped out several of my more brilliant sentences, which I was too fogbrained to recreate.)

Firstly, an ode to the miracle of suction which turned this:

Into this:

Minus the books of course, but I was pleasantly flabbergasted to witness the smallifying power of air tight plastic and the common household vacuum. Suddenly enamoured with the sucking and consolidating process, I hauled down more yarn and proceeded to fill the other three bags. Turns out I need... well.... a couple more. Who knew? The important thing is, the stash now looks very very small. (See honey? It's really Not That Much Yarn.) Loose objects are now sticking to it, drawn by the inexorable gravity of its infinitely dense mass, but the stash is clearly little. Meagre even.

Next, the finished steek vest. (Well, mostly - I still have to tack down the woven in ends, which I think I will do with needle and thread, since the ribbon yarn is a bit slippery, and I don't trust it not to worm out.) Since the forecast for the next four days pretty much rules out an outdoor glamour shot by the shrubbery, I have resorted to that uniquely knit bloggish phenomenon, the Hideous Self-Portrait In Bathroom Mirror.