Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Almost finished:

The little steek top, due to be worn this Friday evening with a mid length black skirt from Le Chateau. I'm thinking some judicious bra shopping will take place between now and then.

The second sock, with plenty of yarn left over. Turns out I Needn't Have Worried. Ha! - I choose to believe that it was my incessant worry that in fact averted certain sock disaster. As Mad-Eye Moody would say: "CONstant Vigilance!" Perhaps I can get a little pair for my DS out of the leftovers.


Recently arrived:

The latest installment in the fortification of the stash against lean times to come. Clockwise from top right:

  • Fingering weight baby alpaca / silk from Elann in rich aubergine (my favorite color word) and a sultry olive green. For an as yet to be worked out original design featuring some combination of Fair Isle motifs and lace patterning. Might need some black to supplement. Haven't decided.
  • Aran weight wool from Knit Picks (bargain price, rather one dimensional crayon box colors) earmarked for the next Dulaan sweater. (2007 shipment, which reminds me, I'd better get my butt in gear and get 2006 in the mail - I am SO bad about mailing stuff. How hard can it be, I ask myself repeatedly - address it, go to the post office. No confrontation, no negotiating, just pay the nice lady whatever exorbitant fee she quotes. For some reason, it is one of my Avoidance Things. Except for the business - I get those out immediately and then don't sleep until they show safely delivered on the tracking system.)
  • Lovely charcoal grey worsted weight wool for either the wild cabled cardigan in Loop 'D Loop or some other wildly cabled thing of my own design.
  • Rich brown 40% wool / acrylic and polyamide blend - supposed to be super elastic - for that desperately cool cabled tunic in Loop 'D Loop that looks like tree bark.
  • Light blue cotton elastic blend for a bikini. Having thoroughly dissed Sexy Little Knits, I am going to put my money where my mouth is and make a bikini from the book. I do in fact wear the things, although not to walk my dog or go shopping in Beverly Hills - pretty much just to sit in the hot tub in Whistler sipping beer and looking at the mountains. And nice ones are actually rather expensive to buy, so this will be a sort of cost analysis experiment. How long will a handknit bikini stand up to regular hot-tubbing? I plan to wear it for the first time when no one is around and I have a large towel immediately to hand Just In Case. I may or may not post photographic evidence.
  • More books.
  • More lovely wool in dark blue and creamy natural, for a fitted cardigan featuring traditional Scandinavian motifs. Also a yet to be worked out original design. (Note the reference book of traditional Scandinavian knitting).
  • Last of all, two skeins of hand dyed sock yarn for a rainy day and because everyone else has it and I don't. Didn't.
  • Almost forgot - hidden behind the books are a number of vacuum sealable storage bags with which I am going to compress the entire stash into a small cube (or two) of infinite density. Ditto my lifetime collection of cotton print quilting fabric.