Monday, July 31, 2006

Eighteen: Yesssss!

Today is my last day of work in Moose Jaw. It hasn't been a bad experience - great partner, excellent staff, nice patients, but........ yesssss! One more giant responsibility off my back while I focus on the still-enormous task of sorting and downsizing.

The silk sampler scarf is yielding some very instructive results - more on that tomorrow. In the meantime, check out yesterday's post, which I didn't get published until suppertime because my father was kindly scouring their archives for usable slides and photos to scan and email.

For Charity: I don't know where you live, but I just order my books online from or Chapters. I don't have a hope in you-know-what of finding knitting books locally. Have you seen Grumperina's review of Knitting Nature? I haven't seen many FO's from it on blogs - one successful roundabout tank, two other patterns causing loads of angst due to pattern errors.