Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thirteen: Saturday Stuff

It is now officially less than two weeks until we move and time for panic to kick into high gear.

Today's sky:
There is presently a weather warning in effect, forecasting 70-100 km/h winds. (That's 112-160 mph.) This calls to mind our last move - from Winnipeg, when a very late spring storm dumped several feet of heavy wet snow and broke big chunks off of all our trees, two days before the house was to go on the market. Thinking happy thoughts.........

Speaking of weather, here's Thursday's sky:Happily, it was travelling away from us and, as far as I know, didn't do anything nasty to anyone.


On to this week's chromatic challenge:

I pulled out quite a wide range of colours:

There are inumerable stitch patterns which give a lovely impression of tree bark - cables and twisted stitches and the like, but I eventually forced myself to focus on interpreting it in colourwork alone.

A 30 x 22 stitch repeat:

Carefully plotted so that all four sides line up thus:

I envision pulling colours from the palette above, and arranging them in random stripes , with the pattern in a deep chocolate brown or even a charcoal gray. Then again, a suitably hued handpaint would also make a lovely background. In the original photo, I love the way the little bits of buttery yellow lichen on the bark make the rest of the colour scheme pop - I would be tempted to duplicate stitch a few spots here and there for effect.

This would make a lovely little shell in a fingering weight silk blend, perhaps peeking out from under a sober suit jacket or plain black cardigan. A delicious cable in the pattern colour twining up the centre would add textural interest.

For a subtle effect, one could also interpret it in a single colour as purl stitches on a stockinette background.