Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I thought it was about time for a BBS progress shot: One of the happy surprises about this pattern is that despite its big, cozy, and informal impression, it is also very nicely fitted - much more than I expected from a bulky knit. So nicely, in fact, that I am considering creating some sort of handcrafted clasp system down the front. (I might give nickel silver a try, as it is non-tarnishing and inexpensive. I've only worked with sterling to date, which I don't want to sew on a wool sweater because of the tarnish issue.)

The other thing about this more-fitted-than-you-might-expect sweater is that it would be prudent to pick a size that matches your hips if, like me, your hips are significantly bigger around than your bust. The sizing in the pattern lists bust sizes only, and since the shaping is straight up and down (albeit with some clever use of differently elastic stitch patterns) and hangs well over the hips, you really need to choose your largest body circumference, whatever that might be.

Converting the sleeves to round knitting (love the Addis for magic looping) was not difficult and I am very pleased with the smooth set-in sleeve seam that resulted from doing away with all the other seams.