Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Twenty-three: Undecluttering

I may very possibly be the world's worst declutterer, at least when it comes to the sewing and knitting stash. Recently I discovered a plethora of "refashioning" blogs, with fascinating tips and ideas for reworking clothing - and suddenly the dictum "if you haven't worn it in a year...." (which I lived by very successfully until now) no longer applies. I am just barely restraining the urge to raid the bags of clothing in the basement - they landed there earlier in the year to await the Goodwill fairy. (You know, the one that comes to your house and magically disappears things so you don't have to make the trip?)

Exhibit A:
A wool/alpaca blend sweater from Calvin Klein, bought very inexpensively at a consignment store. Hardly worn because it is big and floppy about the waist and also itchy. (A crime to my mind - combining alpaca with itchy wool.) I was going to give it away, even though I love the colour, but look:
The edges are not cut, and the seam looks to be done with sweater wool, not thread. I have never frogged a commercial sweater before, but this one looks very doable. If I succeed, it could be just the knit-along salvage yarn for my black silk debacle.