Saturday, July 29, 2006

Twenty: 'Twas A Dark And Stormy Sky...

But a blessed relief from the relentless heat of the last two weeks.

A brief moment of glory:

Unlikely to be repeated for the remainder of the day (according to the weather radar).


Judging by the stirring music eminating from the living room, the DS and his father are sharing a Saturday morning matinee of their favorite movie, Battle of Britain. Which brings me to my husband's sky (weekday mostly):

Just a few weeks now until he winds up a 25 year career and joins the ranks of mere mortals. He plans to move on to mountain biking and extreme skiing. Sigh.

I pulled this week's palette out of the "sun through stormclouds" sky:

Having handpainted silk on the brain lately, I couldn't help but notice the similarity to this:

And since blowing leaves silhouetted against a stormy sky have such a darkly magical aura:

What if the black yarn were Jaegerspun Zephyr, or even just a plain laceweight merino? Would that coax my beloved silk to play nicely? What if the colour pattern was bordered by or alternated with panels of blace knit lace in a leafy pattern? Could I knit FairIsle in laceweight without the use of benzodiazapines? I firmly resolve to answer none of these questions until after we move.

Finally, since I am new to blogging and only just getting the odd comment here and there, I have not really firmed up a proper strategy for acknowledging the kind and helpful notes that readers take the time to write. One of my (many) frustrations with Blogger is that it doesn't collect email addresses, so if the writer doesn't have one posted on their blog, there is really no way to respond privately. I have toyed with responding in my own comments section, which really has no guarantee of being revisited, and decided that QueerJoe's strategy of responding at the end of the following post seems the most workable solution for now. (Finding a better blog platform would be the ultimate solution - again, not until after we move.) Without further ado, then:
  • Many thanks to Grace for the brilliant suggestion of reversible cables. I will be hunting down that issue online! For this particular scarf though, I plan to persist with the sampler idea - panels of alternating rib and cable-ish patterns to see how each behaves in silk.