Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back to School Rush

I haven't disappeared - just doing more settling in chores than knitting at the moment. School starts Tuesday, and my 6 yo. (highly distractable and impulsive) DD will be riding the bus for the first time ever. Registration (mostly) complete, school supplies bought, still not sure exactly which of the multitudinous bus stops in this town is hers, laying awake nights envisioning worst case scenarios....

Also, I am thoroughly sick of moving from province to province - I think BC is the worst one EVER. I can't get a driver's licence until I come up with photo ID proving my citizenship - never mind that I've been Canadian all my life - the passport isn't good enough, the valid Saskatchewan licence isn't good enough, the record of my valid BC licence from 93-2000 isn't good enough. More paper, more money, more forms, more delays. (And don't even get me started on the rest of the basic paperwork for the necessities of life.) I suppose this is a province with an illegal immigration problem, because I've certainly never been treated like a presumptive criminal moving to any other part of Canada, and even when I moved to BC in 1993, it wasn't nearly such a hassle.

Two and a half minutes left on the card - it's like one of those bad movies where the guy runs out of quarters for the phone just before the girl tells him that critical thing. We have a used laptop now, so with any luck we will conquer the paperwork to get internet set up at home in the near future and things will be back to normal.