Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nearly Normal

We're getting there. I was trying (until that little outburst on Saturday) to blog only about the (many) happy bits of arriving here in Whistler, because who wants to hear about maternal anxiety and bureaucratic insanity and all the basic stress and uncertainty that a huge life change (even a very positive one) brings? Then a friend sent a snippy email demanding to know why I hadn't personally advised her of the details of our lives or gotten on with a particular business project when I was, according to my blog, possessed of endless leisure time with which to knit and sip Guinness, and my biggest worry in life was the whereabouts of the cat. It occured to me that perhaps I had edited out a little too much authenticity.

I find blogging a very interesting form of journalling. Despite numerous attempts, I have never regularly kept a private journal on paper, primarily because I tend only to write in it when I am tremendously unhappy about something I can't verbalize - consequently, it is heavily weighted towards the morose and maudlin and not exactly an inspiring (or accurate) record of my existence. Writing with the (even slim) possibility that it will be read calls into play my achiever's drive to write well, and forces me to critically review where I am choosing to expend my thought and energy. I do have an unfortunate tendency to pessimism, and choosing to narrate the positive aspects of daily life is an excellent antidote.

So, speaking of positive, last week we took the gondola up Whistler mountain for a bit of alpine hiking and the annual family photo.

We live in a condo about halfway down the photo on the far right.

Looking towards some of the ski runs on Blackcomb mountain:


Gratuitous scenery:

Of course I brought my knitting!:

Alpine flower season is almost over, but I still found and photographed loads of inspiration for future explorations into colour and texture.

And, more good news - we should have cable internet hooked up by the end of the week or beginning of next, which will mean the end of 12 cents a minute blogging AND a return to daily blog reading! I feel like I'm missing so much, but I can only afford so much time online at the moment.