Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Forty Knitting Days Left 'Til Christmas

And the gift production centre is ticking right along, with several scarves in the final stages of completion:

First, The Magnificent Turkish Scarf, blocking by the fireside.

The blocking board consists of packing box cardboard cut to size, taped together and covered in saran wrap. Not especially elegant, but it seems to be doing the trick, and there was a dearth of six inch by six foot strips of polished hardwood lying about the house. (Anyone who has a better idea, please sing out - I have a feeling this won't be the last of its kind....)

Second, more KP Panache - this time in mistake stitch rib:

And the final KP Panache scarf, in the Little Pyramid stitch pattern:

I do like the Panache - it knits up quickly, and the cashmere blend is soft enough to please the most die-hard "wool is too scratchy" recipient. (I hope).

I was tremendously gratified by the number of folks who downloaded the PDF for the third string bag pattern (and special thanks to Vicki for the mention in her blog!) - I hope to have the first two bags done up in nicely formatted (and rephotographed) PDFs by the end of the week.