Saturday, November 18, 2006

Opening Day

Despite a week of pouring rain, Whistler mountain is opening today (a week early) and DH is off to fulfill his lifelong dream of attempting to ski every single day of the season. I on the other hand, being a far less experienced skier, plan to wait until Blackcomb (the mountain on whose slopes we live and with whose runs I am at least moderately familiar) opens next weekend.
It's been seven years since I last strapped on skis and now that we have kids, DH and I will be skiing solo until their lessons start in mid December, so I think I'll stick to familiar terrain for starters.

Thanks to everyone for the lovely compliments on Turkish Delight - it was a very satisfying project (and hopefully will be a welcome gift, too). Speaking of projects, I have finally reformatted the first two String Bag patterns into PDFs, and added some decent pictures to boot - the links in the sidebar now take you to their location in QuickShare. (I really must check with the webmistress to see how hard it would be to host them on my jewellery site.)