Thursday, January 04, 2007


The biggest downside to this life of creativity is the fact that I now spend great swaths of time just sitting - at the computer, at the bench, on the couch.... And while I always made time for formal exercise when I was working in an office, working from home is much harder to define. It's tempting to feel that every hour of the day is (or ought to be) a work hour, followed by a sinking sensation of wastage as the tasks of daily living encroach on that. Leaving the house for an hour or two to exercise feels like a grievous waste of already eroded work time rather than the wise allotment of personal time it used to be - so I end up not doing it. The result, of course, is that my once svelte physique is now oozing over the top of the one pair of pants I can still squeeze into. Bleh!

So, my latest resolution: Log my minutes of sedentarianism (sedentariosity?) and for each minute spent sitting, I will do a push-up, sit-up or chin-up, or spend one minute in aerobic activity. For example, having swatched, blogged, and worked on my website this morning, I logged 180 minutes of sitting. Now I have to ski today. No excuses (the snow's too heavy, I find the crowds intimidating, it's pouring rain, yada yada yada....).

Speaking of swatching:

I took the chevron pattern from yesterday and worked it in a series of needle sizes from largest to smallest. I think the pattern maintained its crispness and integrity nicely, which means that varying gauge is a viable shaping strategy for this stitch.

Sedentary tasks for today: finish the collaborative jewellery project, do a pile of website work, and continue reinstalling all the blog bits that got lost in making the leap to the new Blogger template. I spent several hours yesterday restoring it to a semblance of its former self - I'm not entirely clear how this constitutes "new and improved", although it does seem like future edits will be easier to do with the new template format. Maybe.