Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Everyday Lovely

While perusing the Interweave site, I picked up the current issue of Knitscene and fell immediately in love with, well, most of the projects - but especially the cozy long textured cardigan on the front. It is precisely the comfort cardi I've longed for lo these many years. I envision stumbling out of bed on chilly mornings when the blood runs sluggishly and wrapping myself in this cardi while sipping that first steaming mug of coffee and stealing a few precious moments to myself before the household comes to life. Away with the dowdy grey fleecy that should have gone to the thrift store years ago, and the stained 10 year old robe that I ought to respect myself enough to throw away. Why shouldn't the mundane be beautiful?

I will not, of course, knit it in the illustrated fire engine red, which turns my complexion a sickly yellow color and makes every imperfection glow alarmingly. No, my comfort cardi will be dark tweedy blue - to delight my eyes and soothe my soul.