Friday, May 12, 2006

Blue Heaven

I am in love. (Yes, with that guy too, but this is different.) I was, until today, a Fleece Artist virgin - an admiring onlooker, but not yet consumed with the heady lust of hand dyed wool. Then Yarn Forward had their 25% off sale and praise be, it was not excluded from the sale items... and I dipped my toe in the ocean.

I wonder, did the mailman have even an inkling of the glory contained in that plain brown box? Did it perhaps make him tingle inexplicably, flush just a little as he held it?

But how to use such a treasure? Only 250 gms (125 yds). Observing the outcomes of others' hand dyed projects, I believe it will likely be happiest in a very plain scarf, as close to the the natal glory of the simple skein as possible. Perhaps a funky / loopy edging on either end à la Nicky Epstein. The universe will reveal in good time whether there is enough for a hat.