Saturday, May 13, 2006

Steek Snipping

I unearthed my baby from the studio this afternoon. My mother bought this little Elna Lotus in Switzerland in 1966, a year before I was born. I learned to sew around the time I learned to walk, and its velvety hum was part of many of the happiest hours of my childhood. To my utter astonishment, she bequeathed it to me when I left home. I couldn't imagine how she could ever part with it, but unconditional love is a powerful thing. It has never failed me, never fussed, jammed or broken a thread, and runs as smoothly as the day it joined our family - truthfully, I have never met a quieter machine. It has sewn drapes, doll clothes, quilts, graduation dresses - and now, steeks.

Stabilized, snipped, and the shoulders grafted:

My daughter demonstrates, to my relief, that the neck is appropriately sized. I'm thinking it shouldn't be any smaller, though - perhaps this would be a good opportunity to try a simple rolled edge.