Sunday, May 07, 2006

Good Enough?

The Dulaan sweater is almost ready for neckline shaping. You can see one of the steeks in all its glory on the left side of the picture.

Now the dilemma. I can only presume that it was a stray electron jumping the wrong synapse in my brain, because I decided, two rows ago, to start a new pattern off the top of my head. By halfway through the second row, it suddenly became blindingly clear that this was not going to be the pattern I thought it was, and I would have needed a 6 stitch repeat, not the 5 I had established. Still, if I press on, I may have serendipitously invented a thing of beauty. Or not. I hate ripping two color knitting (OK truthfully I hate ripping), and you can't exactly tug on the Lopi either.

But what if it's Not Perfect? My logical brain points out that this is for an orphan trying to keep warm while living on the street - this sweater will not likely be judged on the finer aesthetics of two color knitting. But my inner child, the one who had to attend an affluent school clothed in the hideous cast-offs that were "good enough for poor people" has a hard time giving away anything substandard.

It is also entirely possible that I am WAY over thinking this, and will miss the deadline for submitting it at all if I don't press on.