Tuesday, July 04, 2006


days until we leave for Whistler. Happy 4th of July to our friends south of the border!

The BBS is back in action - right front was done, and I finished up the back after work yesterday.

At this point, I elected to try my first three needle bind-off for the sloped shoulder seam. Sewing together two bound-off, stepped shoulders inevitably produces a distressingly irregular and lumpy join - the three needle bind-off is easy, and produces a smooth, elegant, and sturdy seam. (I still don't fully understand why published patterns rarely include optimal finishing techniques - fear of intimidating the novice?)

A little close-up: See how cunningly the wrong side of the front is knitted to the right side of the back?

Perhaps sneaking a couple of minutes of knitting in the upstairs bathroom while admonishing the DD not to dissolve an entire bar of soap in the bath and splash it in her brother's eyes was not the way to go.

It did produce a fascinating (one might even say magical) mobius effect:

On the bright side, thanks to the miracle of super bulky knits, there's only 12 stitches to undo.