Monday, July 03, 2006


days left. I'm posting from the office today, so no photos - sorry.

09:52 - my 9:45 patient just called to say she's "stuck in traffic". Honestly - this is Moose Jaw - there's all of 2 cars on Main Street at the moment.

10:45 - after that late start, there was some unexpected counselling and a very anxious patient who wants answers that the test results have not clarified - now running 30 minutes behind. Sigh.

11:10 - a couple of no-shows and we're back on time. It's an awfully nice day out there - I think folks just decide they don't feel that bad after all. Calling to cancel would be a nice touch, though.

So, about that burning creative urge I dropped everything to pursue - it didn't exactly work out. I decided after approximately 20 rows of intensive cabling that I really wished I had incorporated an integrated I-cord cast on and edges. Knit first, think later - that sort of thing. I spent another 15 rows or so of intensive cabling trying to convince myself that I could set aside perfectionism and love it the way it was, knowing full well I couldn't. Finally, I faced facts and bound off - it is now a large, undifferentiated swatch. Sometimes spontaneity is serendipitous and sometimes it's merely swatchful. (I think that's how afghans get started.) The original idea is still on, but with a little more forethought and planning next time around.
Next up for the afternoon: hypertension, hemmorhoids and a looming battle with WCB. Oh the glamour.