Friday, July 21, 2006

Twenty-eight: Just in Case There Was Any Doubt

about my legitimacy as a knit-blogger, I thought I'd best post a little photographic evidence.I do, in fact, own a cat. His name is Basil, aka Basil-D-Cat, Baz, Basil Buddy, Ow-Stop-That!, and How The Heck Did You Get Up There? He's very cool, and has used up several of his nine lives (putting our vet's kids through college in the process) over the years. He's a little camera shy though, and is seen here taking refuge in one of the many old packing boxes presently en route to recycling. My DD thoughtfully carved him a cat shaped door for his personal use.


Over the years, I have collected odd bits of blue themed china, some of it broken, with the idea that I would one day create a mosaic tiled masterpiece. It invariably causes no end of consternation for the movers, who look at me oddly, and then write "broken dishes" in big red letters all over the packing materials, to ensure they can't be blamed for their condition. I came across the bundles the other day while sorting and resolved, in a fit of maturity and noble self discipline, to give it all away. Yesterday, I had a brainwave about doing a sort of mosaic tile motif in knitted form, and thought I would pull them out to photograph for inspiration.

This doesn't include the odds and ends of blue IKEA dinner sets sitting in another part of the Goodwill pile. Nor the lovely Martha Stewart blue stoneware we currently own, which the kids will doubtless cause to be added over time. You guessed it - creative lust reared its ugly head, and the broken dishes are coming with us. After all, what better place for a mosaic masterpiece than our cozy little patio in Whistler? I expected my DH to have a fit, but he just shrugged and pointed out that at least they can be jammed in any old corner, and don't require special handling or immaculate storage conditions.

Kaffe Fassett does some very nifty things with mosaic motifs, but I would rather stick pins in my eyes than do that much intarsia. So I gave some thought to how one could get randomly patterned blue and white patches outlined in "grout" without painstaking plotting and millions of horrid little ends. Ah ha!:

I was too lazy to swatch yesterday, so I played on the computer instead:It's just a rough sketch, but I think it has potential. I can also see it as an interesting format for a luscious handpainted skein.

About potential yarns for the Roundabout Leaf Tank - the recommended yarn is 80% rayon and 20% silk, so I suspect 100% rayon would work just fine. I think the idea is for it to be drapey, but not overly heavy (cotton might be a bit much). The recommended gauge is 18 sts and 26 rows to 4" in stockinette - basically an aran weight yarn.