Friday, August 11, 2006

Seven: Help! I Have Only One Measly Week To Finish EVERYTHING!

First, I have to say what a lovely warm fuzzy it is to get all this empathy for my little body image neurosis, and also that it is a rather humbling reality check that one source of said empathy is a woman who is recovering from major brain surgery. So - it's official: the roundabout tank is going for a little lie down in the stash, not to be spoken of again until my moving-induced temporary insanity has abated.

It would be nice to finish up this guy, too:But since it's my own design, it requires more than the usual amount of clearheadedness and planning - and tank top straps are one of my least favorite bits of knitting. Let's hope we have a warm fall - I'd hate not to finish any of my sleeveless projects in time to wear them. That always seems to happen with seasonal knitting - I suppose because I don't get a hankering for a particular garment until the weather clearly warrants it, and then life gets busy and by the time things are finally on the home stretch the seasons have changed and it's just a chore to keep working on something that will have to be immediately tucked away for six months.

I think string bags are going to be the knitting of choice for the next two or three weeks. They are fun, the design process is engaging without being overly taxing, and I am confident the aubergines are not going to fret about the effect on their figures. Also, it will make excellent car knitting - long trips with kids invariably involve considerable amounts of sticky, staining substances passing back and forth.

I am keeping track of what I'm doing, and will write it up to post here as a free pattern once I'm done. (Actually, I will first work out a better, flatter way to do the bottom and then write it up.) I have several interesting ideas percolating away for the next bag, however, I need to get a proper handle on the mathematics of inventing (or unventing, as the case may be) round medallions.