Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ten: Bits and Pieces

Things are a bit eclectic today - not unlike my present state of mind. Much excellent sorting and packing was accomplished over the long weekend but, as personally satisfying as a wall of tidily stacked Stuff may be, it's not especially photogenic.

First up:
Way back in the murky mists of time before kids, I was an avid quilter, and one of the first classes I took involved a hand-pieced, hand-sewn, hand-quilted wall quilt. (This is not that quilt.) I fell in love. Not only is it easy to match up all the little corners, but the look of a finely hand-sewn seam has a dimension that just isn't present in machine sewing. Plus, I love the portability of hand-sewn blocks - eminently suitable for small spaces. I have been unhurriedly compiling these 4 inch blocks from some of the tiniest scraps in my stash, each one individually planned and pieced as a little experiment in form and colour. One day they may grow numerous enough for a bedspread, but I find them curiously satisfying just as they are.

I didn't forget the twine:

I was rather hoping it might exist in black, or maybe a dark olive green. I found some braided nylon fishing leader in a lovely shade of green, but there wasn't much yardage for the price, and this is supposed to be a thrifty and utilitarian project. After some swatching, and a few false starts, the grocery bag is now underway. I was thinking it would be great fun to make a set, each in a different lace stitch, and offer them as a series of free patterns. It's also a great way to swatch and practice lace.


Last, and possibly least, the roundabout leaf tank:

I have fallen out of love with this top. Maybe, if I persevere and finish the straps, it will miraculously bloom into a shapely and fashionable bit of clothing, but right now it looks like a boxy, albeit novelly constructed, tube that sags and curls in all the wrong places. If it were wool, I'd put faith in the magic of blocking, but raw silk? Doubtful.