Saturday, August 12, 2006

Six: Busy

From the west this time, from whence cometh our weather:

Fast moving and unsettled - not unlike my current state of mind.


I went for a little wander in the backyard yesterday:

And got lucky with this shot:

However, not being a fan of bumblebee-coloured knitwear, I settled on this for inspiration:

The subtlety of blues mingled with silvery olive has fascinated me since these guys (whatever they are - we didn't plant them) started blooming several weeks ago, but it was quite a challenge to translate that to an attractive charted pattern.

First, pixellated to tease out the component colours:

I settled on these colour groups:

And came up with this:

Which, on reflection, is just a tad busy. However, so was my mind at 0300 today, which is why I was on the computer inventing this instead of not-sleeping in the comfort of my bed.


Thanks to everyone for the lovely compliments on yesterday's tank top. In answer to questions from Dorothy and Netter, the wavy lace stitch pattern on the lower portion is both elastic and drapey, which makes it exceptionally kind to the figure. I laid it out for the photograph to illustrate the integrated waist shaping that was achieved by contracting the stitch pattern. It also sounded like there was some confusion between the two tanks I've been posting about - the white lacy one is actually my own design, knitted in bamboo, cotton/viscose and laceweight linen, and the only reason I'm not finishing it at the moment is because I am rather overwhelmed and distracted with the looming move and don't want to screw it up.