Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Why Blog?

I've been knitting for almost 30 years now, but always in rather solitary fashion, never truly finding a place in the knitting community. Being a military family, we frequently (generally) live in places that don't have an LYS, which makes it more difficult to locate kindred spirits. The closest thing I presently have to a LYS looked at me like I was mad when I enquired about the possibility of non-acrylic yarns! My poor DH, (mostly) tolerant though he is of my growing stash, just doesn't want to listen to me rave endlessly about the new Vogue Knitting, or join me in petting the luscious rovings I bought on ebay last year and have yet to learn how to spin.

So here I go, tossing my musings and obsessions to the winds of cyberspace. I admit, I don't confine myself solely to knitting, having also acquired a sizeable stash of cotton prints and unquilted quilt tops, and I shamelessly pick up a crochet hook whenever I think a knitted project would benefit. I have also begun in the last year to expand the definition of "fibre" to include silver and gold, and then discovered that hammering pieces of metal was also an awful lot of fun (who says silver isn't a textile), and a good strand of emeralds is comparable to hand-dyed silk for sheer hedonistic delight.

But nothing tops knitting for practicality (after all, we NEED clothes, don't we?) meditative bliss, portability, and sheer tactile pleasure.