Thursday, April 06, 2006

A cup of tea and an almost finished sweater

I "should" spend the afternoon briskly and efficiently continuing my quest to organize and downsize our lives in preparation for the move to Whistler this summer. However, the kids have the sniffles and kept me awake half the night coughing (I can't sleep when my babies are sick), consequently, none of us has much patience or energy and I feel a therapeutic afternoon of knitting and snuggling coming on - perhaps some stories, a little Yo-Yo Ma (the Bach cello suites) on the CD player.

I am almost done the the oversized cotton hooded pullover - I've been knitting it in fits and spurts since last summer. All that's left is the last few rows at the top of the hood, then a bit of grafting and weaving in and Voila! I designed it using Jackie Fee's Sweater Workshop (which I adore, and recently had to buy a new copy of because my car copy got too much water spilled on it) and a broad reversible lace edging from a project in last summer's Vogue knitting. It's a fascinating natural unspun cotton from Italy wrapped with a variegated blue/turquoise viscose thread - very subtle and summery.

Once that's done, it will be on to the Michael Kors tunic in the latest Vogue knitting (the yarn arrived Monday from Elann). This will make me look like a movie star as I trundle to the playground with a plastic wagon load of jackets and water bottles, I'm sure. I hope I didn't make a mistake in yarn substitution - I just couldn't see the wool/cashmere combo for summer, so I picked a 50/50 cotton/microfiber blend by Gedfrida. I suppose I should do a sizeable swatch to see how it holds it's shape.