Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Eclectic Camisole begins

I started the eclecticly pieced camisole yesterday - here is the progress I made (all crochet thus far, and just look at all those ends to weave in - yikes.) This was the first project that caught my eye in the magazine - for an interesting reason. I have wanted for years to design a top along these lines - a fanciful and eclectic mix of fibers and techniques and crocheted motifs put together with knitted panels. So why didn't I? Quite simply because I didn't believe in myself. I thought that because I had never seen a "real" designer make one like this, then it must be a bad idea, and if I designed it, it would inevitably turn out to be tacky and unwearable. What a dreadfully limiting way to think! I shall follow the directions religiously for this particular piece, because there are always things to be learned that way, but I resolve in future to fearlessly follow my bliss.

Speaking of bliss, here is my almost 6 year old daughter who, while enjoying the warm spring sunshine in the living room window, decided to find out if it was warm enough to make toast on her head. She spent 15 happy minutes like this - perfectly still, reading her book. I have lots to learn.