Sunday, April 09, 2006

Knitting Bags

It was a glorious spring day yesterday - spring on the prairies is particularly intoxicating because the preceeding six months are so utterly dismal. I treated myself to a lovely 2 hour run along the tree lined creek (swamp) bottom paths of Connor park and the Trans Canada trail. Only the six inches of prairie gumbo glued (I'm not kidding) to the bottom of my runners kept me from skipping and dancing like a fool. I designed a couple of sweaters and a clutch purse on the way and arrived home brimming with happy energy.

Back to the bags - my daughter's 6th birthday party happens this afternoon, so I hit the dollar store yesterday to put together some goodie bags (I gather that is the protocol for birthday parties - I am SO green when it comes to the childhood social scene.) While there, I also purchased four attractive vinyl bags (meant, I think for gift bags, but exceptionally sturdy) - one for each of my summer knitting projects. Why is this so significant? Because it graphically demonstrates the level of maturity I have grown to in my lifelong battle with perfectionism. The old me would have felt that my projects deserved nothing less than the finest hand-quilted and embellished originally designed totes that reside in my head, waiting for my studio to be tidy enough to set up the sewing machine and lay out fabric. Consequently, the yarn would have languished in its shipping boxes, cluttering the top of my piano throughout the summer. Instead, the piano is uncluttered and my precious fibers are nestling harmoniously in their $1 bags - and not one skein has complained that their environs are demeaning.