Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Color Inspirations

Early spring / late winter is not the prettiest season on the prairies. Dirty ridges of leftover wind-drifted snow litter the muddy fields, and last year's stubble emerges sodden and disheveled, like a forgotten washer load. But, as warmth returns to the land and the season progresses just a little, intoxicating signs of hope appear. Today was such a day. I elected to run the airfield perimeter road because the creek trail was too muddy from last night's rain, so I had a fine view of the vast blue sky that Saskatchewan claims as it's finest feature. The stubble in the surrounding fields had dried to a lovely bleached hue of pale cream silk, and made a stunning contrast with the cornflower blue sky. Most definitely sweater colors - I wished I had a camera along, but since it's a military airfield, I'm not sure the MP's would accept my explanation that I was photographing stubble for a knitting blog. As my other running trails dry up, I will have to see about some pictures, although there's only so much stuff that's practical to haul along. I do get some of my best inspirations running.

As far as actual knitting goes, I did get a start on the first cabled panel for my camisole during the weekly coffee / play date with my friend and our daughters. This was my first time knitting over coffee - she's a non-knitter, so I wasn't sure if it was truly polite to do so myself. She elected to fold laundry, so it worked out, but I still felt awkward. I've always been a solitary knitter, and I have no knitting friends in town, so I'm not sure what proper etiquette is. Since I don't have the pattern memorized, I have to look down periodically, thus breaking eye contact - if the other party has no reason to look away themselves, it feels as though I'm not paying attention. Her 5 year old daughter was fascinated however, so perhaps I can make a convert there.

The irony of titling a photo-less post "color inspirations" has not escaped me - I'll do better next time, I promise.