Thursday, April 13, 2006


I made decent progress on the camisole yesterday, somewhat tempered by the realization that I used the wrong yarn to border the large crocheted squares and have to redo them (hence only one is showing in this photo.) I used to chide myself for stopping to admire my knitting, thinking that if I spent all that wasted time actually knitting instead of spreading it out to see how it looked with 4 more rows, I might finish a project now and then. Well, now I see that devoted knitters not only stop to admire their progress, they photograph it and post it to the Web. I sure hope this camisole looks as good on me as it did on the Vogue model. The only thing worse than a cherished project that looks awful when you try it on is one that is knit on a deadline to wear to a specific event - and only reveals its awfulness after the stores close on the day of the party. To up the ante a little, I used none of the recommended yarns (although I did choose appropriate gauges) and substituted fibres like bamboo and cotton/viscose for the wool. (Yes, I know better, but I still think it will work. The bamboo in particular is knitting up very nicely.)

On the topic of unfinished business, here is a sweater I designed for my daughter last summer, using patterns from Anna Zilboorg's Simply Socks. It is dizzyingly bright and busy, just like my daughter. I loved exploring the non-Western design theory that reverses pattern and ground and keeps the eye moving. I'm not happy with the collar, and still need to sew on buttons and weave in the ends but I justified putting it all off because it was substantially too big for Catrionagh and I couldn't stand to spend another minute with it. My mother loved it and immediately began hinting that she'd like a full sized version for Christmas - HA! The only thing I knit again with this pattern will be the Turkish socks it was meant to adorn.