Friday, April 14, 2006

Linen Joy

It took a little careful negotiating (considering I have four recently purchased summer projects on the go) but my DH has a smile on his face and I have a flouncy bohemian skirt's worth of Euroflax Linen winging its way towards me. Not that I couldn't have ordered it regardless (I do contribute rather substantially to the family income), but this is my most expensive yarn purchase yet, and my knitting karma improves dramatically when the DH is happy. I fell in love with the skirt the moment I set eyes on the pattern, and for the first time ever in my life, bought the exact high end fibre it was designed for and (disturbingly, since I like to think of myself as a creative free spirit) the exact colors in the picture.

As for the camisole, it's coming along nicely. A pieced project like this is rather satisfying to photograph in stages, much more so than a row by row account, anyway. I wasn't sure I'd like the way they've done the seams but the effect flows more smoothly than I thought (due in no small part to the number of times I redid them to obtain perfect alignment.)