Thursday, June 29, 2006


Such a nice round number. It sounds big, and comfortable in a plenty-of-time-yet sort of way. Almost, but not quite, big enough to assuage my growing sense of panic. I'm going with a round number theme for today's tasks: 10 green garbage bags of stuff will leave the house today - destined either for the dump or the Goodwill. Number one has already flown over the back fence to the garbage spot.

With a little knitting between bags, this guy should grow substantially today:
Look how big he's gotten already, with just a few minutes here and there - the magic of super bulky yarn.


Thank-you for the lovely comments on the jewelry. I began dabbling in jewelry making about a year and a half ago - it started in the usual way - couldn't find anything I liked for an event, cruised ebay a bit, thought "I could do that", bought a few supplies, fell in love, bought a lot of supplies and got really creative, ventured into the world of business. Applying textile techniques in metal was a natural direction for me. I am experimenting with weaving:

Knitted lace:

And of course, crochet:
Somewhere along the way, gemstones and silversmithing and chainmail caught my attention too:I have loads of cool ideas percolating for knitting accessories - stitch markers in a non-tarnishing silver alloy (because wool accelerates the tarnish process for regular sterling), innovative hammered silver pendants to hold them, shawl pins, and the like. I'm trying to discipline myself to put most of the new project development on hold until after the move, but I may have a little sit at the bench before then, just to assuage the creative urge.