Friday, June 30, 2006


days until we move. I might be a little panicked at the sudden drop into the forties were it not for a very productive day yesterday. Yes, the 10 bags did get filled - five flew over the fence, two into the recycling, and three to the Goodwill pile. And I did some knitting in between: Just look at that baby grow - this sweater is so much fun to knit. Much much more fun now that the Addis arrived - I was getting serious tendinitis after only a few rows with the cheapo plastic needles. What an amazing difference. I didn't mention before that I have elected to knit this guy all in one piece, rather than separate back and sides as per the pattern - I just couldn't bear the thought of those huge lumpy seams. Also, the whole thing is only 86 stitches around - seemed silly to split it up three ways. It does have set-in sleeves, and I'm going to do something I've always wanted to try - knit the sleeves in the round and fit the set-in seam with one round piece inside the other. That will eliminate the lumpy junction under the arm.

I thought I'd post a few of the treasures, and also "treasures" I unearthed yesterday.
To start, this fascinating cotton print my in-laws brought back from Kenya a decade or so ago:
I still have no idea what to do with it, but I have faith that one day it will be exactly the right thing for something.

A cheap terracotta urn: This was purchased on our very first holiday as a couple, back in 1994. We were living on Vancouver Island at the time and drove down the coast, making it halfway down the Baja before time ran out and we had to turn around. This pot caused no end of domestic tension over how it was packed and whether the heaving of luggage on top of it was done carelessly and in a fashion likely to cause its demise. The pot made it home intact, and within a week, the cat knocked it over, breaking one of the handles. The sticks inside are cactus driftwood, picked up on the same trip. I thought, and still think, that weathered sticks naturally full of evenly spaced holes ought to be the starting point for an amazing piece of art. In 14 years, I have yet to come up with something, but I still really like the sticks, so they might come to Whistler. The pot will stay behind.

One of DH's "treasures":

This is "special" because it was a gift from his sister eons ago - a souvenir of her trip to New Zealand with her overbearing and chauvanistic then-fiance, whom she dumped a little while later and we all thought for the longest time she'd never get married, but then she did and all is well and.... Apparently, I am - at last - allowed to get rid of it.

The souvenirs of DH's four year posting to Germany:

That's it. No blown glass Christmas ornaments, no handcarved cuckoo clocks, just an assortment of receptacles for beer. He was single at the time.