Saturday, October 14, 2006

Misty Mountain Morning

There's all sorts of good things going on at our little abode: my wallet turned up, along with DD's homework folder - What Kind Of A Mother loses her daughter's homework??? - they were both stowed in the same "safe" basket, which apparently migrated and burrowed under a stack of clothing during the chaos of the unpack. Also, we can now eat at the dining room table, cook in the kitchen, and sit four abreast on the couch.

AND - for the first time since August, I have live Saturday Sky technology. At the moment it involves downloading the camera to the desktop, formatting, saving to floppy, sticking the floppy in the laptop (which has the internet connection), uploading the photo to Flickr (because the wysiwig version of Blogger can't run on the ancient laptop), and inserting the Flickr code in the post - but I Can Do It - and it doesn't cost me $11 and an hour of my life.

So, without further ado, I present A Misty Mountain Morning:

Saturday Sky

Some folks call the gray drizzle depressing - I choose to see it as perfect sweater weather.