Friday, October 13, 2006

Two Stranded, One Handed

I normally knit two stranded colour work holding one yarn in each hand, picking with the left and throwing with the right, but having heard tantalizing rumors of knitters who hold both yarns in one hand, I thought I'd give that a go for this project. As usual, I forged ahead and came up with a method that worked for me - I have no idea if this is "right". I find the continental style considerably more efficient, so I simply tensioned both yarns in the left hand, extracting them alternately with my index finger:

red yarn

gray yarn

It works well. So well, in fact, that I would love to be able to use the technique in all stranded colour work, but there's a little snag. Knitting with one strand leaves a bit of slack in the unknitted strand - this is quite manageable when the pattern is only 2 stitches long, and the colours are being consumed at equal rates, but it seems to me that longer carries and more complex patterns would require constant retensioning of the yarns, which would reduce efficiency considerably.

I'd love to hear from anyone out there who has another one handed method, or could suggest ways around the differential tension issue.


The house? The good news - I can cook, and there is now space on the couch to squish 2 adults eating at the coffee table. The bad news - my wallet is MIA. Nobody has used the credit cards, so I'm holding out hope that it was knocked off its "safe place" and got buried in debris, but I'm a titch stressed nonetheless.